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Committed to helping you achieve your hair goals while prioritising hair health and care, through expert artisan cutting and colouring. We celebrate individuality, believing there's nothing more beautiful than feeling comfortable and confident whilst rocking gorgeous hair.


April & Me is more than just a name; it's an expression. "April" represents the birth month of our salon director, Tegan, and symbolizes the cooling weather and refreshing air after the Queensland summer heat. "Me" stands for both you and me, sharing our experiences through the changing seasons.

 About April & Me  



Tegan Rivera

With over 18 years of experience in hairdressing, Tegan has acquired a wealth of knowledge from previous masters of the craft. She views everyone as a unique canvas, brought to life through her creative techniques. Tegan is known for her gentle, authentic energy, quirky sense of humor, and keen eye for detail.

“Hair colour is a health choice, which is why I use products that are gentle and kind to our wellbeing. I am a true believer in mind, body, spirit & of course, beautiful hair". 

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